Power Steering Repair in Norman, Moore and Noble

Has your steering wheel started to make a strange, whining sound when your turn it? Is your power steering slower to respond than was previously the case? Do you think the wheel feels stiffer to handle? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is crucial that you contact Terry's Automotive today.

Check Power Steering Fluid

If there’s a problem with your power steering, chances are it has something to do with your car’s power steering fluid. We recommend to our Noble customers to look at the fluid in their power steering pump. For instance, freshly applied fluid is red in color and has a distinct, unique smell (a bit like burnt oil). If your power steering fluid has turned grey, then this is a clear sign that oxidation has occurred which indicates that the fluid will not be performing as it should. Similarly, if you notice foaming or bubbles in the fluid, then this is not a good sign either. In general, it means that water or air has seeped in and is reducing its efficiency.

Another common reason why our Noble customer have issues with their power steering is that the fluid levels in the power steering pump. It is important that you check your power steering fluid regularly, at least once a month. If you’ve noticed your steering wheel becoming stiffer it may be because of a leak in your power steering pump or somewhere else in the system. The best way to establish if a leak has occurred is to park your car, leave it for an hour or two and upon driving it again look for red or amber splashes or a distinctive odor. This is a telltale sign that a leak exists and you will need to call a professional to have that repaired. If your power steering fluid level is too low, then this could also cause damage while leading to a stiffer driving experience – an issue that many older motorists who drove for decades without power steering can attest to only too well!

The Terry's Automotive Power Steering Maintenance Program

Damaged power steering can greatly affect your car’s efficiency and can also result in reduced safety for you and your passengers. The best way to avoid any major power steering problems is to keep it maintained regularly. To do so increases your car’s efficiency and safety but will also reduce the likelihood of having to replace the steering wheel completely down the line. Regular maintenance also ensures that its re-sale value remains high. It is for that reason that we, at Terry's Automotive, are proud to offer all our Noble customers both regular scheduled and on-call maintenance options to ensure that their power steering is never broken or damaged in any way.

If you have any problem with the steering of your vehicle, feel free to come to our location or give us a call to set up an inspection and estimate.